Some Facts About Pornography in Québec

By Veronique Trudeau

Porn Watching Among Québec Couples

Psychology researchers asked 1036 Québecers in a relationship (565 women and 471 men):

Eight out of ten men and one out of ten women watch a porno at least once a week.


Porn and Québec Women

A SOM-Châtelaine survey carried out in the spring of 2020 indicates that Québec women are shy when it comes to pornography:

– 58% of them never look at it;

– 14% consume some each month or each week;

– 26% of women 30 to 39 say they consume it regularly.


Use of Porn among Québec Men

In her doctoral thesis, psychologist Anik Ferron tried to evaluate the influence of pornographic sites in the conjugal dynamic. Here are a few of her conclusions:

– Men have a net preference for more hard-core scenes detached from all emotion and sense of attachment;

– Most visual pornographic products are non-violent in nature and are more focused on vaginal and anal relations between men and women;

– About 10% to 15% of all pornography consumed includes violence, fetishism, bondage or sadomasochism.  

First seen in Reflet de Société magazine, Vol. 29, no. 5, juin (June) 2021, pages 22 – 24.

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