Synthetic Meat: The Future of Eating?

07/29/2021 The Social Eyes 0

Meat 100% created by humans and technology will one day be on our plates. A science fiction story? Don’t be so sure. American start-ups have launched serious efforts in that direction. They’re hoping to revolutionize meat consumption by offering alternatives based on cultivating animal cells […] See more

The Perfectionist Woman (Part I)

07/26/2021 The Social Eyes 0

The will to do her best; an obsession with success; a desire to excel in every domain… Our society greatly values the attainment of a perfect life, combining happiness with achievement. Among women, these expectations can be a heavy burden to bear. By Justine Aubry […] See more

Living with Depression

07/23/2021 Delphine Caubet 0

Sophie is disinterested with all that surrounds her. She doesn’t want to go out with her friends. All she wants to do is sleep all day. Let’s face it, Sophie is sad. By Delphine Caubet Her doctor diagnoses her as depressed. This dynamic young woman, […] See more

The History of Sex Dolls and Sex Robots

07/21/2021 The Social Eyes 0

The first automatons were created in the 17th century by a father-and-son team of Swiss watchmakers named Jaquet-Droz. In aristocratic salons, for a fee, people would watch a couple of amorous robots exchanging tender gestures. Also used as promotional objects, their mechanism was compared to […] See more

Selling a Woman

07/16/2021 The Social Eyes 0

“A new, sparkling and enthusiastic beginner”; “A top-level babe with an unbelievable body. A furnisher of ultimate pleasure”; “A sensual star with a reputation to keep…” These are some of the catch-phrases used to sell the services of prostitutes on an agency “meeting” website. By […] See more