Nuit Blanche at the Bistro le Ste-Cath!

By Raymond Viger 

Nuit Blanche is back at the Bistro le Ste-Cath, to take your breath away once again. There’ll be wordplay, jousting, humor, and fun & games on Feb. 29th, 2020.

The authors will use their verbal skills and the power of their conviction to get spectators to participate in this evening which will begin at 6 p.m. and will end… at an unknown time. Rumor has it that the authors have been metabolized the books that they will try to represent and bring to life.

It’s a free event for the whole community, open to the whole family!

Participants at this unforgettable night…

  • Jean-Paul Daoust, well-known Radio-Canada poet;
  • Funnyman and ex radio-canadien, the wild and zany Fred Dubé;
  • Christian Vanasse, comedian and ex-Zapartiste ;
  • Raymond Viger, who wears many hats: part poet, part comedian, part journalist, part social worker… He’ll be your guide for the evening;
  • The rapper McJune ;
  • Le Grand Slack, slammer ;
  • Public readers who will offer to read you presents;
  • Other invitees of all kinds.

Free admission. For reservations: (514) 223-8116.

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