A Criminal Record

In Canada, criminal records are public documents. So anyone can access them. You just have to have a name and a date of birth (easy to get these days with Facebook).

By Delphine Caubet

– One man in five in Canada has a criminal record.

– Even if you’re acquitted of a crime, the charge remains on your record (but may be withdrawn at your request).

– 90% of all prison inmates get out one day.

– A criminal record can make getting a job difficult.

Suspending a Criminal Record

Asking for a pardon allows for the withdrawal of the information concerning a criminal record. Your criminal record itself doesn’t disappear. A pardon just means that the information on your record is no longer available through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

This suspension can be revoked if you reoffend.

No pardon is automatically granted. Every request is examined by the Parole Board of Canada.

The cost for submitting a pardon is $631, plus additional costs.

Some crimes can never be pardoned, including sexual assaults.

– Some information in this article courtesy of the Association des services de rehabilitation sociale du Québec (ASRSQ).

First seen in: Reflet de Société, Vol. 26 no. 3, été (summer) 2018, page 26.

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