Sex Ed: Are We Missing Out? (Part IV)

08/24/2018 The Social Eyes 0

The Sex Ed Situation in 2018: The provincial government has been announcing its intention to return back to sex ed since 2011, which was 10 years after such courses were abolished in Quebec schools. By Mélina Soucy The Formation personnelle et sociale (FPS) course (Personal […] See more

Sex Ed and Inadequate Teacher Training

08/18/2018 Raymond Viger 0

In 2005, Quebec’s education ministry decided that the professional and social education courses being given were inadequate, and had no place in our schools. The ministry had hoped, if not to say fantasized, that all our teachers could intervene and could be relevant concerning the […] See more

Literature: A Trip to Manikanetish (Part II)

08/13/2018 The Social Eyes 0

For three years, Naomi Fontaine taught French at the high school in Uashat, an Innu reserve very close to Sept-Îles. Her classes abounded with brilliant, captivating teenagers. They were inspiring models of resilience. By Alexandra Duchaine “My students faced seemingly insurmountable odds, difficulties which adults […] See more

On Isolation

08/04/2018 Colin McGregor 2

I awake in a sweat, dazed and disoriented. I turn my pillow over to the dry, cold side underneath, and think: a few seconds ago, I was walking along Sherbrooke Street on a sunny summer’s day, rummaging through second-hand bookstores. Not now. My eyes adjust […] See more