The 100th Issue

The winter 2017 issue (Vol. 25, no. 1) of our sister magazine Reflet de Société is its 100th issue!

By Raymond Viger

In 1992, we were the first Francophone street newspaper in the world. In 1993, Macadam was launched in France; in 1994, Montreal saw the first l’Itinéraire.

We went from being a black-and-white newsprint publication focused on regional issues to a glossy color magazine covering the province. We took this sharp curve to better fulfil our mission: to inform the readership about, and to raise awareness of, social issues.

Can we envision another hundred issues for Reflet de Société? Will paper be our trademark? After having been the first street newspaper on Earth, will we be the last paper-printed magazine?

To rebalance our budget we’ve had to come up with novel new ways to finance our organization. The Bistro Ste-Cath family restaurant and concert venue is part of this diversification strategy. It’s a place where the neighborhood can meet. With its stage to showcase Quebec culture and support the local arts scene, we provide funds for 15 local community groups. These are tools to offer culture, services and food. It’s a model we’d like to implant in other parts of the province.

To create a social economic organization like ours, it’s not enough to be a crisis intervention practitioner, a social worker, a journalist, an author, a conference speaker… You have to be a businessperson, manager, administrator, lobbyist… Specialization isn’t part of our world view. And you have to be good at each one of these.

Being generalists lines up nicely with our view of how interventions should best be conducted,. Consider the human being globally, in all its facets. Ready to walk the road with a person who isn’t a problem, but who has needs to fulfil. A presence with youths not as a specialist trying to solve a problem, but like a big brother accompanying the person intheir continuity and their becoming someone.

Thanks to all our subscribers, Francophone and Anglophone, who follow us and who support our intervention efforts.  Here’s to another 100 issues!

First seen in: Reflet de Société, Vol. 25, no. 1, hiver (winter) 2017, p. 4.

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