Two Disabled Persons in Love

08/24/2017 The Social Eyes 0

Mary and Matthew, disabled persons, may not be able to walk like normal people. But their love lets them soar above their physical difficulties. They lean on each other in hard times. They revel in each other’s daily cycle of victory and defeat. They enjoy […] See more

What is Suicide?

08/24/2017 Raymond Viger 2

The reality is that suicide is an assault. In the Italian writer Dante’s classic work The Inferno, written in 1321, he gives readers a tour of hell. He puts suicides in his seventh circle of hell. He calls them “the violent against themselves.” They are […] See more

Not Ready to Die?

Note: Jean-Pierre Bellemare was convicted in 2021 of a crime committed in 2018, and is currently incarcerated. Right now, I have no thoughts of suicide. Having lived a tumultuous life, I’ve often found myself in danger. Sometimes, it’s been police who wanted to shoot at […] See more

The AIDS Virus: Alexandra Wants a Baby

08/24/2017 Delphine Caubet 1

In 2011, over three-quarters of all Canadians stricken with HIV were males. Sometimes, women feel left aside when resources for HIV-positive persons are allocated. To find out what this might mean in practical terms we spoke to Alexandra, who agreed to let us publish her […] See more