Bistro artist: Sule Heitner

Photo credit: Georges Dutil

Often compared to Lenny Kravitz, probably because he’s a guitarist who bears a resemblance to the American superstar, Sule Heitner isn’t just a beautiful hunk. Beneath his imposing coif, this deep-voiced Concordia graduate (a bachelor’s degree in music) also happens to be supremely talented.

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He works the Indie-Folk and Blues genres, offering interesting adaptations of lesser­ known works. A Sule performance is a real musical Back to the Future. No flux capacitor needed here: banjo, harmonica and guitar are the devices used to transport the audience back in time.

His recent appearances on the wildly popular Quebec TV show La Voix helped raise this singer/songwriter’s profile. But he’s been at it for years, performing and recording, paying his dues. Sule (pronounced Sue-Lay) has worked with Corneille, Gage and Sky. He’s opened for no less than Kool & the Gang, Celine Dion, Sean Paul and Akon.

He’s comfortable in a wide range of genres.  He’s as inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as he is by RnB, Blues, Funk and Soul artists like Marvin Gaye, B.B. King and Prince.  This Hochelaga-Maisonneuve resident knows where he’s from, knows where he’s going, and knows what he can do – and do well.

For his most recent project, the Sule and the Very Bad Men trio, he recruited 2 excellent musicians – one of the city’s best drummers, and a bassist who’s worked on several TV shows. The 3 of them can sound as if they’re 8. Their musical numbers are simple and efficient – a difficult goal to achieve for the most proficient of composers.

Sule is working on an album. With his happy memories of La Voix, he’s got a wider audience waiting to buy up any CD featuring his original compositions. We here at The Social Eyes got a “sneak peek” at some tracks, and we give them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Ever the B.Mus. grad, Sule also teaches music. He is never shy to share his skills and knowledge with up-and-coming musicians. He does so with characteristic humility. The young and the not-so-young lucky enough to profit from his advice find Sule to be a model of perseverance and self-esteem. As a youth, Sule sometimes found himself the victim of bullying. But he managed to survive and thrive, thanks to strong family values and the support of friends who shared those same values.

Sule Heitner’s many new fans who want to take a selfie with him will get their chance at the Bistro Ste-Cath. Between his sound check and his show, he’ll be there with his wife and young child. Besides being a dynamite artist, he’s also a dynamite father.

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