How We’ve Gone Backwards

08/23/2017 Colin McGregor 0

Jules Hetzel, publisher, brought the world the works of the father of science fiction, French writer Jules Verne (1828-1905). Colin McGregor  File: Homelesness. Hetzel encouraged Verne to blend fast-paced adventure tales with futuristic scientific gadgetry. Together they launched beloved best­sellers like Around the World in Eighty […] See more

Bistro Artist: Kim Zombik

08/23/2017 The Social Eyes 0

Kim Zombik will enjoy planetary fame sooner rather than later. If that doesn’t  happen, safe to say that the ghosts of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday won’t be pleased with we terrestrial mortals… File: Artist Kim Zombik’s musical path has been impressive. Where to begin? She’s […] See more

School Bullying: Fighting the good fight

08/23/2017 The Social Eyes 0

“Bullying is a community problem. It’s not just a matter for the bully and the bullied. Everyone has a stake in it: schools, families, even witnesses.” By Louise Marchand  File: Bullying These are the words of Jasmine Roy, whose foundation bears her name. Her organization […] See more

Respect: Society’s Off-Key Note

08/23/2017 The Social Eyes 0

Friday. The sun beats down on Montréal. I’m driving west in my car. A hundred souls await my arrival. On this night, I’m off to give my umpteenth seminar. But this time, the audience will be made up of teenagers. Nerves disrupt my thoughts. When […] See more

Bistro artist: Sule Heitner

08/23/2017 The Social Eyes 0

Often compared to Lenny Kravitz, probably because he’s a guitarist who bears a resemblance to the American superstar, Sule Heitner isn’t just a beautiful hunk. Beneath his imposing coif, this deep-voiced Concordia graduate (a bachelor’s degree in music) also happens to be supremely talented. File: Artist […] See more