Pascal Dufour

Best known as a 17-year veteran of the Quebec supergroup Les Respectables, Pascal Dufour is also a citizen-activist; since 2011, he’s been the spokesperson for the youth group Jeunes pousses (Young shoots).

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Like the organization he represents, he believes strongly that eating right is a personal choice that leads to health and happiness. Meeting Pascal, you can understand what attracted him to get involved in this pro-nutrition lobby: he’s colorful, innovative and engaged. He cares about his fellow human beings. The partnership between this artist and this group was a winning combination from day one!

Pascal Dufour has his feet firmly planted on earth. Even after opening for the Rolling Stones on the Quebec leg of their tour, he is first and foremost a caring father who wants to see young people lead a healthy lifestyle. He’s not just a spokesperson: at home he cultivates a garden, and makes his own compost.
His philosophy is at one with Jeunes pousses: get young people themselves to grow the food they eat. That way, they’ll gain awareness of the chain of life. That’s how one grows to respect the planet we all have to share.

Pascal’s socially engaged lyrics work best when he’s defending a good cause. In 2012 he was behind a series of benefit concerts entitled Les artistes pousse la note! All proceeds went to his charity. Nor was this the first time Pascal used his talents to benefit a worthy cause.

Pascal has often been called the Master of the Catchy Melody. He’s got all the qualities of a popular, successful artist. He spans several musical genres and enjoys wide popularity. In the music world, his colleagues tell of a generous producer, always ready to commit himself to others’ success.

He’s enjoyed the limelight both as a member of Les Respectables as well as a solo artist. His hits include Amalgame, Libre, Ma vie, À l’heure and Nul doute. In his work, recurring themes include the search for balance in both love and friendship.

Pascal carefully weighs his words, ever conscious of their impact on others. In January he released his 3rd solo album, Aime-moi encore. Written by Pascal and produced by experienced Quebec producer David Brunet (Coeur du Pirate, Patrice Michaud, Tricot Machine), it reaches out in new directions. The theme: love – explored through sunny, catchy melodies. You’ll be moved by the subjects that strike a chord: the daily quest to capture your loved one’s heart in new ways; the struggle to keep the sparks flying; and the ceaseless effort to rekindle quenched flames.

Pascal Dufour has toured widely in Quebec since the release of his previous album, Sur un fil (On a Wire). Now you can see why Bistro le Ste-Cath couldn’t wait to invite him to play our venue. So many are curious to see and hear, first-hand, this remarkable Quebec pop icon live on stage as he kicks a snare drum, plays guitar and sings all at once! A one-man band; a performance not to be missed!

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