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davy-boisvertNo need to investigate any further: Davy Boisvert excels at any artistic medium he tries his hand at, from dance to rap to song.

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In Quebec he’s everywhere: on your TV screen, on stage, behind the scenes, and in dance studios. Nowadays this multitalented artist can pick and choose the projects that appeal to his creative and ambitious sides.

Even though the best may be yet to come for this South Shore resident, he envies no one else’s career path. Indeed, many of our most celebrated talents owe their first forays into breakdance, or their first dance steps period, to him. He’s been involved in dance since the age of 13, and has served as an inspiration to many of Quebec’s leading lights.

He first made his mark as part of the group Complys, those hip-hop sensations of the late 1990s; he’s also been a key component of NRJ (Nouveau Rock Jeunesse) and 4You (a singing dance combo that toured Europe, making a splash via France’s star­making machinery).

Davy’s trademark has always been his musical approach to rap, often preferring to sing his lyrics rather than just recite them. He’s always been among the first rappers to defy one of the genre’s most hallowed conventions: Why should a rapper stay away from being musical? Does singing suddenly make a rapper any less of a rapper? Davy has stood firm on his right to sing, to the point of putting melody in the forefront of his compositions… And yet, in his works you can feel the soul, the heart, of a rapper schooled on soul and R&B beating through the material.

Davy Boisvert zigs and zags between dance and vocals. Both are interesting and fruitful artistic pathways for him. It’s this fusion of his interests that makes him stand out. We hope that he won’t hate us for suggesting that he’s Quebec’s answer to Justin Timberlake.

He’s also become one of the province’s leading choreographers after having choreographed Mix manias; Bye Bye; En direct de l’univers; L’heure de gloire; On a pas toute la soirée; Le fin du monde est à 7 heures; etc. He’s also played roles in film.

Visually, his shows are marked by his mix of styles. His warmth and sense of humor create a relaxed feel. His lyrics are sexy, funny, festive – and sometimes, touching and personal.

In October 2014 Davy Boisvert launched his mini-album, entitled Rouge octobre (Red October). His approach fuses R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop and vibrant staging. Don’t miss his upcoming performances at the Bistro Ste-Cath’s bistronomic shows!

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