Angelique Duruisseau

Edith Piaf, France’s most iconic chanteuse, has been the subject of a host of tribute singers for decades. But now, her powerful, expressive style, best known in songs such as Non, Je ne Regrette Rien and La Vie en Rose, have found new life in Angélique Duruisseau, who has been giving voice to the hits and stylings of “La Môme Piaf” since 1999.

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In 2003 Paneuf Productions, a major production house and arts management firm, cast her in the role of Piaf for their revue entitled Paris sous les ponts (Paris Under the Bridges). It was a triumph for Duruisseau, who took home top honors at the prestigious Festival de chanson de Granby two years later.

Angélique then went on tour with Quebec singer Yann Perreau, this timer singing in more of an electric rock style. This change of scenery seemed to suit her. She added sngs of various genres to her show, to wide applause.

From Piaf to Winehouse

If Piaf takes a giant place in Angélique’s pantheon of musical influences, she is also inspired by great female torch singers she likes to call the Divas in Heaven: Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury, Janis Joplin and Aaliyah.

In 2007, Angélique took the initiative and produced her own show, entitled Piaf – un second soufflé (A Second Wind), a series of tribute concerts. She toured the festival circuit. The Festival de Lanaudière invited her back the very next year to participate in a concert dedicated to the works of Kurt Weil, alongside Karin Gauvin. This performance was broadcast on Radio-Canada’s Espace Musique station for an entire year.

Angélique’s first production was presented at the 2010 edition of the Francofolies de Montréal, to the acclaim of her growing fan base. On the heels of this triumph, the Festival de Lanaudière invited her back for a 3rd consecutive year – this time, to put on a concert featuring the haunting poetry of Jacques Prévert.

The In and Out Band

Over time Angélique came to occupy a place in the hearts of press and public alike. But she didn’t run out of new ideas, new ways to present music to the public. She founded the In and Out Band (I/O Band), a free-flowing group of musicians whose modus operandi is to provide an open space to perform and improvise without restrictions or boundaries. In the band, artists could perform together when they please; a way to assemble the greatest number of talented artists possible on one stage at any one time.

Several talented musicians heeded the call and have participated in the project. The group boasts a wide repertoire of songs, which Angélique performs in her signature style, leaving plenty of room for improvisation.

After 3 years of performances, the band became less and less a revolving door operation. Its lineup has become more or less set – so much so that its members are now contemplating renaming their combo.

Whatever the I/O Band chooses to call itself, it will no doubt carry on to rave reviews. Angélique herself loves the arrangement, calling her group an all-terrain, all weather outfit.

The Bistro Ste-Cath is pleased to offer Angélique and her companions a space to let their talents enrich and enrapture yet another audience.

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