Angelique Duruisseau

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

Edith Piaf, France’s most iconic chanteuse, has been the subject of a host of tribute singers for decades. But now, her powerful, expressive style, best known in songs such as Non, Je ne Regrette Rien and La Vie en Rose, have found new life in […] See more


05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

It’s hard for a Montreal artist to be downhearted when his dreams lead him to discover magical corners of the globe – such as the North African nation of Morocco. Indeed, his years spent working there went a long way towards letting B.U realize his […] See more

Too Sexy, Too Young

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

At a shopping centre we meet Haley, 10, who is out with her mom. This little Ontarian is rarely caught without her bright red lip gloss and fake nose piercing. When asked why, Haley explains: “It’s pretty, and it matches mommy’s piercing so we look […] See more

Addicted at Age 12

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

Max, the pre-teen, was bitter about life. Introverted and sensitive, he buried his emotions in a mountain of drugs. He tells The Social Eyes about the plight of pre-teens trapped in an imaginary world of their own construction. At age 12 Max lived for one […] See more

Confessions of an Ex-Con

Note: Jean-Pierre Bellemare was convicted in 2021 of a crime committed in 2018, and is currently incarcerated. Sometimes my jailbird past seems too heavy for me to bear. Many of the folks around me see me as a successful example of a rehabilitated criminal, which […] See more

A Half-Marathon for Life

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

The Oxford Dictionary defines perseverance as: “the steadfast pursuit of an aim, constant persistence.” To which I would add: “In the face of adversity and even pain when the mind and spirit are advocating quitting whatever activity is the cause.” Perseverance is an essential quality […] See more

Spiritual Healing Intervener

05/13/2016 Delphine Caubet 0

Charbel Ibrahm sits quietly in his office at Montreal’s Saint Justine Hospital. His rare moment of peace is interrupted by a phone call. A young native boy is gravely ill. Without a needed transplant, he may well die. This is a children’s hospital. Charbel heads […] See more

From Farm to School: B.C.’s Example

05/13/2016 The Social Eyes 0

A kid who eats better learns more. So why not bring farm-fresh food to school cafeterias? That’s what Joanne Bays is doing in British Columbia. Not too long ago, Québec’s Équiterre organization invited her to share her experiences with those who’d like to see the […] See more

Broken Windows

05/13/2016 Colin McGregor 0

In 2012, a shy, quiet teacher and political philosopher named James Wilson died. An expert in Chicago’s black neighborhoods, he was best known as the man who came up with the “Broken Windows” Theory. It says that if one window of a building is broken […] See more