Mental Health: Psych Ward Shuffle

06/14/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Simon is codependent – emotionally dependent on others. Clinically, the term is “schizo-dependent.” He needs other people to survive – to an unhealthy extent. He can be dominated, or he can be controlling. When he hits a crisis moment in his life he lapses into […] See more

No Joy in Prostitution

06/14/2015 The Social Eyes 0

The debate over how prostitution should be handled in our society has elicited lively opinions for a long, long time. Here is the opinion of one woman who worked as a hooker for a year and a half. She wrote this 5 years ago, but […] See more

Homelessness: The Circuit

06/14/2015 Colin McGregor 0

It is break time at the prison upholstery shop. We work in a large, brightly lit room with a high ceiling and concrete floors. Along one cinderblock wall, chairs are lined up, mostly facing outward. This is where we sit for the 15 minutes we […] See more

Lord, when did we see you in Prison?

06/14/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Last year, we were asked to remove all the religious symbols from the Chapel in Cowansville Penitentiary (Quebec), a men’s federal prison with close to 700 inmates. A chapel that was previously decorated with Christian symbols now became a neutral space within the barbed wire […] See more

True Crime, True Life

06/14/2015 Colin McGregor 3

My father, deceased for some years already, would have been very happy being in prison. Not because of the food, the filth or the confinement. But because in his salad days he was a crime reporter for the Montreal Star, a daily newspaper that closed […] See more