Learning to Be an E-Parent

06/13/2015 The Social Eyes 0

Once upon a time, parents could think their children safe when they got home after class. Schoolyard bullying ended when a child stepped through the front door. Home was a safe zone: safe from insults, intimidation and beatings. But the digital age has changed all […] See more

The Weight of Words

06/13/2015 The Social Eyes 1

The author is a former prostitute living in Vancouver. Written in 2009 and appearing in the pages of Reflet de société that November, these words are as powerful today as they were back then. A mother and freelance journalist, she was in the media during […] See more

Dreams and Suicide in Prison

06/13/2015 Colin McGregor 0

I awake in a sweat, dazed and disoriented. I turn my pillow over to the dry, cold side underneath, and think: a few seconds ago, I was walking along Sherbrooke Street on a sunny summer’s day, rummaging through second-hand bookstores. Not now. My eyes adjust […] See more