“Indian Cigarettes” and Your Health

By Raymond Viger

An anecdote that I have to tell you:  A friend of mine is a smoker. To save money, he started smoking “Indian cigarettes.” They are easily obtainable, illegal cigarettes. Are the manufacturing standards for these cigarettes the same as the ones you buy at the store?

I can’t officially say, as I haven’t done any testing in a lab.

Nonetheless, I noticed something interesting. On a trip, this friend bought cigarettes at another native reserve. He ended up bleeding through his nose and spitting blood. After having smoked half the cigarettes he bought, he went back to smoking his usual cigarette brand. The nosebleeds and spitting up blood stopped.

The manufacture of these “Indian cigarettes” may not be to the same standard from one place to another. One thing is for sure: a cigarette is harmful to your lungs and to your overall health, however much it costs, and no matter where it is made.    

First seen on Raymond Viger’s blog, February 2nd, 2008

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