The Québec Charter for a Healthy and Diverse Body Image

In 2009, the Québec Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women worked together to create an initiative designed to promote diversity in body image representation.

The Charter they came up with covers the following points:

  1. Promote a diversity of body images, including different heights, proportions, and ages;
  2. Encourage healthy eating and weight-control habits;
  3. Discourage excessive weight-control practices or appearance modification;
  4. Refuse to subscribe to esthetic ideals based on extreme thinness;
  5. Remain vigilant and diligent so as to minimize the risks of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and unhealthy preoccupations with weight;
  6. Act as agents of change so as to promote healthy eating and weight-control practices and realistic body images; and
  7. Promote the Québec Charter for a Healthy and Diverse Body Image among partners, clients, and others while actively respecting and adhering to its principles.

The Charter is designed to minimize socio-cultural pressures surrounding thinness and “excessive weight-control practices.” Reflet de Société and The Social Eyes stand four square behind the Charter and its intent.

For more information, please consult the Science of Eating Disorders website.

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